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Why do you only draw porn now?

Cheese Cheese

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Clusterfuck, Lol!

The outsider The outsider

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I don't like this. Why don't you do more serious and evoking paintings? I don't even. I like the background but whatever Franky is I don't like him. Please do more of the beautiful emotion provoking paintings like you do occipitally.

DonStracci responds:

Well that was more of a cartoonish period for me where I was experimenting digital paintings without taking much time, Now I am more into traditionnal painting, taking care of details. I tryed to touch many styles, which isn't neccessary yours, I respect that.

Thompson Thompson

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Well you took twenty steps back from Urban toxicity (Which is my favourite painting of yours so far) into extreme retardation. This is something that belongs on your Facebook or Tumblr.

DonStracci responds:

Well I must disagree to that one, these are pixel art, maybe it's not your style, but saying it hasn't its place on a website were game developpers post their games is just not objective at all, sorry.

Chase Chase

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Well this is just shitty.

Taudzi remake Taudzi remake

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The icon makes it look like something else...

Also, are you a Nazi?

DonStracci responds:


For the Motherland For the Motherland

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I wish you would scan all of your paintings.

I'm having some trouble understanding this picture. There is a soldier, probably in a gas mask, wearing a trench coat with a M16. He is standing in a wasteland. In front of him is the Soviet Union symbol atop nine pillars. I'm assuming that this represents the power and greatness of the Soviet Union. Behind the soldier there are black Soviet Union symbols that have charred appearance and they are laid out fat and atop of each other. The soldier's back is facing the viewer because he is looking forward toward the pillars. The colors and design give out a post-apocalyptic look.

I would appreciate if you gave me a little feedback because I just don't understand, I'm sorry. Thank you for your consideration.

I can't give you a constructive review because I'm not an experienced painter but as far as I can tell this painting is amazing. I love the shading and the use of lighting, it really gives an atmosphere of humid hot heat.

DonStracci responds:

This was an exercise that needed to be completed quite fast for school, the purpose was to make a painting with different techniques than traditionnal brushes. My idea was to create a deserted landscape with a soldier on it going forward throught the objectives imposed by the Soviet system, the "pillars" are the icon of the soviet system, made them semi-transparent to give a artificial, dreamy-like look. On its back are the black soviet symbols making the shadows of the soldier, again representing the dark side of the system. The colors used were inspired by the Soviet propaganda posters of the soviet Era. The airbrush was used for all the soviet stuff, the pillars and shadows enhancing. Sorry for my bad english, maybe I wasn't clear, thanks!

Chihana Holiday 2010 Chihana Holiday 2010

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Your really good at anime characters, but it is nothing amazing. It's pretty bland. It is missing something that I can't just put my finger on. Keep working and they'll get better.


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This gives me a fuzzy feeling inside, like looking at a kitten, intended or not? Anyways, This is incredible. I love your comic feeling that your pictures seem to give off. Keep working of those details though, it looks too cartoony.

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I love it!!!

I hope this gives the furry kingdom its good reputation back, or at least helps, you did a terrefic job at adding the tinyest details, and that is important to the observer because it helps them view your world as real. Keep it up!

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